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Let the Children Teach
Let Children Teach

"God sees a diamond in everybody!"

"Sometimes you forget you have that diamond."


The ineffable beauty and inestimable value of the light of Christ within is like a diamond. Let the Children Teach reveals the wisdom of children and their intrinsic understanding of the diamond within. Katie Skurja and young children dialog about the concepts of our Imago Dei, the metaphor of the peanut M&M, and the value of embracing paradox.

How are people like a Peanut M&M? Listen to the wisdom of young children as they discuss the complexities of human nature through the metaphor of a Peanut M&M.

Healing Spiritual Abuse
Healing from Spiritual Abuse

Christina Zaczkowski of Truth in Motion Studios interviews Katie about healing from spiritual abuse. The conversation includes exploring the drama triangle, the victim mentality, authority, discernment, and living from our Imago Dei.

Five-part True Identity series:
True Identity videos

How do we find our authentic self? Reclaiming our True Identity, our Imago Dei, requires embracing paradox. Join Katie in this teaching series as we explore the significance of being both fully human and made in the image of a loving Creator. 

Self as an M&M
Original Shame
Living Upside Down
Reclaiming Authority
A Schizophrenic God


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