Our online courses offer a truly interactive and engaging learning experience. Courses include live teaching and group discussion with Katie Skurja. You will have lifetime access to the course content. ​For an additional fee, Katie can meet with you individually for a private consultation.

All online courses are offered in partnership with the Companioning Center.

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Experience Integration Healing
4.5 hours online via Zoom
Saturday, October 15th, 9am - 1:30pm PT
Friday, November 11th, 1pm - 5:30pm PT

Hosted by the Companioning Center


Join us for a 4.5-hour online, interactive experience of integration healing. Centered on the diamond within, our Imago Dei, we will explore and apply concepts, tools, and processes found to facilitate inner healing and transformation. Cost: $50

Note: this course is a pre-requisite to our other courses.

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Shame, Integration and the Enneagram

8 week online, interactive course
Next class starts Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at 5:30pm PT

Hosted by the Companioning Center

Interest in the Enneagram has sky-rocketed in recent years. This 8 week online, interactive course is geared towards those who desire to incorporate the Enneagram as they accompany others on their path towards wholeness in Christ. We will explore shame, our layers of self, and the integration process through the lens of the Enneagram, with ample opportunity for practical application.

Pre-requisites: 1) working knowledge of the Enneagram and familiarity with all types through classes or self-directed study; 2) have read either "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Riso & Hudson", "The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective” by Rohr, or “The Complete by Enneagram” by Chestnut; 3)  test results from Enneagram Institute's RHETI test; 4) CC course Experience Integration Healing

Integration Healing Training for Practitioners Level One
8 week online, interactive course 
Next class starts Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 5:00pm PT
Hosted by the Companioning Center

This 8 week online, interactive course takes a deep dive into healing, and offers extensive training for both professional and lay practitioners. Have you ever had the experience of working with someone who seems so stuck that nothing seems to break through? Oftentimes, what hinders forward movement in a conversation, whether it be with a directee, client, or friend, is the presence of shame. One of the problems with shame is… you cannot talk someone out of it. Shame is the most powerful force in the lives of people…apart from grace. Through the process of inner healing, shame can be dismantled in a way that allows an experience of grace to break through. Cost: $249

Pre-requisite: Experience Integration Healing