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Our online courses offer a truly interactive and engaging learning experience. Courses include live teaching and group discussion with Katie Skurja. You will have lifetime access to the course content. ​For an additional fee, Katie can meet with you individually for a private consultation.

All online courses are offered in partnership with the Companioning Center.

Facing Shame through the Enneagram
October 21 - November 25


Join Katie as we discover the ways we draw on the different personality aspects of Christ. We will explore which ones are the most prominent in our daily lives and which ones are mostly hidden, looking at the positive and negative aspects of each. In doing so, we will open up greater access to all of who Christ is within.


6-week course with weekly Zoom meetings.

Two sessions available:

Dates:  Mondays  3:30-5pm PT or Mondays 5:30-7pm PT

Course fee: $199 for 6 weeks

Using Imagery in the Process of Transformation
6 weeks / schedule to be determined

As you walk alongside people as spiritual directors, counselors, teachers, or in conversations with your family, have you felt the difficulty of communicating what is deep within? Using imagery can help access deeply held beliefs, feelings, and unconscious desires. Join Katie to explore the use of imagery and engage a tool that can be immediately incorporated into any practice and personal journey.


6-week course with weekly Zoom meetings -- schedule to be determined