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Melissa (Missy) Zamora

Missy Zamora

Missy is a native Texan and a recent transplant to Oregon. She enjoys hiking, gardening, baking, and walking barefoot. She is a parent to three young men ages 14, 18, and 24. Missy graduated with a BSN in Nursing and is a Certified Nurse Case Manager. She has practiced nursing for over 25 years and enjoys the opportunity to serve and help those in need of physical care and healing. On a personal level, Missy is interested in the area of cellular precedents in the body and their relationship to our spiritual formation. 


Missy has served in church leadership in student ministry, women's ministry, and as a consultant for spiritual formation development within the congregation. She attended the Renovaré Institute of Spiritual Formation and completed a Fellowship of the Burning Heart Leadership Pilot focused on small group facilitation listening to God, others, and our own hearts. These experiences have led Missy to a place of increasingly desiring to embrace more of her humanity as being created in the image of God. She values the generous nature of uncertainty and the gift of doubt.

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