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Your Own Personal Hell
By Katie Skurja
Published in the Clarion Journal February 23, 2022

Is there a literal hell where the depraved are punished after they die? If so, what is it like? Is there a literal heaven where the righteous go after death? If so, what is it like? These are rhetorical questions that have been debated by sincere people who desire to be faithful to God for centuries. Though interesting to explore various interpretations, no one knows for sure because it is all speculation, whether we want to admit it or not. Whatever it may be in the afterlife, we can see with our own eyes the existence of heaven and hell here on earth. click here

Image by Anna Kaminova
Embracing Our Humanity
Handouts to Presentation by Katie Skurja at Open Table Conference November 1, 2020
The Three Faces of Victim by Lynne Forrest

When we step out of our oneness with the triune God, we end up living in a dysfunctional relational dynamic called the "Drama Triangle". Click here

Oneness vs. Separation click here
Tale of Two Trees click here
Come Let Us Reason Together 

The path of spiritual growth involves many stages of death and resurrection. Every time we find our box is too small to hold a new understanding about God, self, other, or creation, we undergo a death of sorts as we break down the comfort of the container we have been living in to make room for the new.


Katie Skurja's essay here

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Different Kinds of Mushrooms

“Is there any way for me to be confident that what I experienced was from God?”  The process of discerning whether something is of God or not is much the same as how a wildlife biologist would discern between edible mushrooms and poisonous ones.


Katie Skurja's essay here

The Paradoxes of God
The Many Paradoxes of God

Healing our shame and living from our Imago Dei requires embracing paradox in God, ourselves and others. Access Katie Skurja's 3-part essay below:


Part 1: Understanding paradox is essential to spiritual growth


Part 2: When we fail to hold paradox, we slip into heresy


Part 3: To accept that we are created in the image of God is

to accept furious opposites about ourselves​

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