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"This fine book is filled with insight, depth and wisdom! It succeeds in putting good theology together with good psychology, with neither watered down -- leading to a life-giving, healing encounter with yourself, others, and God." 
Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation,  Albequerque, New Mexico
Paradox Lost (book)

Uncovering Your True Identity in Christ

by Katie Skurja

Using stories of transformation, Paradox Lost presents a comprehensive framework for understanding our patterns of “stuckness” and provides specific tools for getting off the riverbanks and into the current. With life-giving insight into God's nature, readers will find the courage to uncover their own wounded places, as well as invite others to experience the wholeness of abundant life in Christ.  

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Kindle version available: 

Note: for students enrolled in Imago Dei courses through the Companioning Center, we offer a special bundled rate of $45 for both Paradox Lost and Reflection Cards. This includes shipping. Contact us for more details.

Reflection Cards
Reflection Cards

Exploring the Inner Life Through Metaphor

"I learned more about my client in 20 minutes using

these cards than in 3 months of appointments."


The inner world is intangible, hard to grasp, and difficult to put into words. The Reflection Cards were developed from the use of sandtray therapy, and are an invaluable tool used to share personal story, thoughts, ideas, and painful situations. Each set contains 120 images printed in the same size and durability of regular playing cards. 


Cards include:  Living and Inanimate Objects. Emotional States. Light and Dark Themes. Male and Female. Universal Archetypes. Spiritual and Psychological Themes.

Note: shipping outside the U.S. may incur additional charges

International customers: contact us for information about purchasing digital Reflection Cards

Come Let Us Reason
Come Let Us Reason Together 

The path of spiritual growth involves many stages of death and resurrection. Every time we find our box is too small to hold a new understanding about God, self, other, or creation, we undergo a death of sorts as we break down the comfort of the container we have been living in to make room for the new.


Access Katie Skurja's essay here

The Many Paradoxes of God (essay)

Free download

Healing our shame and living from our Imago Dei requires embracing paradox in God, ourselves and others. Access Katie Skurja's 3-part essay below:


Part 1: Understanding paradox is essential to spiritual growth


Part 2: When we fail to hold paradox, we slip into heresy


Part 3: To accept that we are created in the image of God is

to accept furious opposites about ourselves​

Image by Enlight
The Three Faces of Victim by Lynne Forrest

When we step out of our oneness with the triune God, we end up living in a dysfunctional relational dynamic called the "Drama Triangle". 


Access essay here

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