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The Imago Dei Healing Community is here!


We've launched the Imago Dei Healing Community (IHC) as a way to encourage and support fellow practitioners in continuous inner transformation and growth -- for ourselves, for the sake of those we serve, and for the world. In the context of a welcoming learning environment, we practice emerging skills, experiment, try new approaches and tools, and discover what works for us and others. Members include lay practitioners, pastoral counselors, therapists, spiritual directors, teachers, and theologians. At the core of this community is a relational Triune God in whose image we are made – a God who loves humanity and all creation.

Anyone who successfully completes the 8-week Level One Integration Healing course and is committed to continuous practice and learning is invited to join us.

Benefits of Community

Monthly Gathering: Each monthly gathering is facilitated by Katie and the Imago Dei Ministry team, and is limited to 12 people. Our community gatherings include:

  • Group Case Review

  • Demo: real-time practice of Inner Healing dynamics with group members

  • Presentation: teaching that deepens an existing key concept or skill, or that introduces a new skill or concept

  • Reflection: a time for questions, group feedback and discussion

In addition to our monthly meetings, members of the community have access to online group discussions and opportunities to form smaller communities offline.


Currently we have one community group meeting on Wednesday 9am to 11am Pacific Time, in the first week of the month. If you’re interested but can’t make this time, contact us -- there are a number of people interested in adding another group at a different time, and we plan on starting a second group in the next several months.

Curious? If you haven’t yet experienced a monthly Community meeting, you are invited to join us for a free trial of one online group meeting. Contact us for more information.

There is no cost or fee to participate in the IHC, however you are welcome to make a donation to Imago Dei Ministries. Previously, our annual fee was $300 / year. Donate here.

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