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Join us as we explore the significance of being created in the image of the triune God and living in our True Identity, our Imago Dei. 


When parts of you feel broken or scattered, how do you bring them together? It is possible, and the journey is worth it. As you choose to connect more deeply to God, to those around you, and to yourself, your life is transformed. Into something more hopeful. More free. More whole.

About Us

Imago Dei Ministries was founded in 2004 by Catherine (Katie) and Jim Skurja to come alongside those who are ready to face their inner darkness and uncover their true identity — the image of God within them. Our ministry is dedicated to helping people everywhere engage in a Christ-centered healing process, transforming relationships with God, self and others through teaching and practical experiential exercises.


Our ministry team has grown and changed over time as God has invited various people to participate in the mission of Imago Dei. Our team members bring experiences from fields as varied as counseling, social work, business, art, church ministry, real estate, teaching, and spiritual direction. We are richer for our variety of gifts and skills, and for our commitment to intentionally practicing the material we teach. Most important is our ongoing endeavor to live it out as a community.

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