Image by Aleksandra Mazur

Companioning Center

Our companioning community welcomes people from every walk of life; on vocational paths of being soul-care providers, counselors, pastors, spiritual directors, and educators. Whatever background we’re traveling from, we are each created to be companions. To walk alongside God, our friends and families. It is in this journey together that we are formed and transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Rock in Sand

Boldly Loved

Boldly Loved is a means to create space to walk alongside others in their own spiritual journey, share ways of understanding God anew through contemplative prayer and teaching, and see people grow in the depth of their own understanding of who God is and who they are in relationship with God. Being boldly loved takes courage and vulnerability to be seen by God, ourselves, and others. We offer many ways to navigate life while creating space to experience God on our journey. We offer spiritual direction, supervision, group formation studies, Contemplative Prayer and Journaling Retreats, and various other opportunities.

Cascade Ministries

Cascade Ministries seeks to cultivate, illuminate, and curate sacred places and conversations between God, others, and Self. We offer a variety of spaces to journey with and explore life’s questions and paradoxes, creating a ripple effect of ever-increasing wholeness and holiness into other areas of life and faith. Spiritual direction, group classes, book discussions, retreats, spiritual writings and resources, as well as various other opportunities, each offering a unique intersection of life and faith.